Sunday, April 20, 2008

The original ROUGH leica reel

Here is the original idea for the story behind Crema Suprema. The reel still had a lot of work that needed to be done at this stage. The later part of the story wasn't as clarified at this stage yet. PLEASE REMEMBER... I had to board for stop motion NOT a 2d or 3d feature film. This is why the camera moves are limited. I had to build everything you see in each background. Pre-production is probably the largest amount of work involved for a stop-motion film.

The story: Set in an Italian bakery, two bakers are competing to win the World's Greatest Cake Contest. As tension rises and conflict builds, the bakers sabotage each others’ "masterpiece" cakes. The feud leads to the explosion of both cakes. A large piece from both of the bakers’ cakes collides in mid-air. The result of their disastrous sequence of events allowed them to win the cake contest as a team.

The whole film is in black and white up until one of the bakers swings a food colouring bucket at the other baker and it hits the screen. It is sort of an "underlying" theme about the process of animated film from rubber hose b & w style up until the introduction of technicolour. It's not obvious, but that's what I had in mind behind the reason for filming it this way. It's more of an artistic statement about animated films through the years. I guess it would have been cool to see them go the next step and enter the world of CG, but I just kept the focus of this statement on the art direction alone, not the medium itself.

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